First Post – The Why

To start off this site I feel I should explain why I decided to try shooting on film. I have a few reasons for wanting to give film a try, the top two being I like the look and I feel it will make me a better photographer. As a photographer of the digital age I am not familiar with what shooting on film really means, I feel I have defaulted to digital and missed part of the art that used to be involved in photography. I am not suggesting that digital photography is inherently any less artistic, just that with digital some artistic areas of photography were lost (while others were gained) and I want to experience the areas film has to offer. The “look” film provides seems to be the biggest reason people give to still be shooting on it, I want to see what that “look” looks like in my hands, see if it is something tangible and learn from it to enhance all my work. I tend to be fast and loose with the shutter, I need to spend more time thinking before I snap a photo and I believe film will help me do that. With a financial cost to each click plus being limited to the number of frames I am carrying with me the “take a picture and see how it looks” method won’t work, I will have to form the image in my head, consider the composition and lighting, then judge if I have it right, judge if it is the best picture I can make with my subject before committing that light to a frame of film forever.

I am starting this website to document what I learn and  my experiences using film to help others who also wish to try shooting on film. We have a generation of photographers now who have never shot on film and I think I am not alone in wanting to experience the process of shooting on film. I am going to start with a focus on doing film easily and cheaply while still getting great results.

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