About Me

I am a hobbyist photographer and have been dabbling for years but up till now I have shot nearly exclusively digital. When I was little I had a tiny camera that used 110 film but I don’t really remember actually getting many photos developed, it was more of a play thing (I was very little). In college I shot a little film for a class but mostly used my Canon digital rebel. Mostly my photos have been of friends and our adventures with some artistic work along the way. I am hoping to use film to pursue more creative and artistic photography as an escape from my day job in IT.

This blog will document what I learn as I enter the world of film, serving to help me solidify the material in my head. I find that explaining something to someone else really helps me learn material better and fully form the ideas in my head. I hope that in addition to it helping me with my film photography it can benefit others who want to try 35mm film for themselves.

Since Adobe Creative Cloud gives you a free portfolio site I threw up a few photos you can look at here if you want to see some of my digital work although I’m not super happy with the layout, I need to play with it some more.